We are delighted to be the Patrons of the Colts and Fillies Club here at Ascot Racecourse.
Having had a passing interest in racing over the years we decided to get more involved
and in 2010 we bought our first Racehorse, Primaeval. We had tremendous fun going
racing with him and were struck by how relaxed and friendly a day at the races is.
We had two days at Ascot where our horse finished in second place and
this was where we learnt about the Colts and Fillies Club.

The club is free for children age 17 and under and organises activities throughout the year which
allow youngsters to engage in horse racing and learn about it in a fun and exciting way.
For 2018 the club will continue to have a horse in training with Eve Johnson Houghton enabling members to experience the thrill of racehorse ownership.

A large number of regular visitors to the races had their interest sparked as a child, usually
by being taken racing by a parent who loved the sport. The club aims to ignite that spark in children by making it easy and free to be involved in this wonderful sport.

We are really looking forward to meeting some of you at Ascot this year
and will be keeping an eye on the Club horse to see how she does.

With our very best wishes,

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